Trippin Trunktopus NFTs Take a Swim Around Kimera Island


Trippin Trunktopus

The Trippin Trunktopuss are “non-fungible tokens” based on the Ethereum blockchain. Each one of them was created to chill on the reef and the waters surrounding the island of Kimera.


Long ago, the great eruption caused an extinction event for most life on the mysterious island of Kimera.

P2E – Play to Earn game is just the beginning

But the eruption also caused all animal DNA to become corrupted, and as time passed many bizarre hybrid creatures began to evolve with crazy genetic fusions and mutations.

The first of these are the Trippin Trunktopuss, a group of crazy laid-back amphibian hybrids that like to hang out, party or chill in the great reef that lays just off the island.

Upcoming Utility

  • P2E
  • Voting Power
  • Power ups
  • VIP entry to partner products


More Details

Total Supply: 10000

Blockchain: Ethereum


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