Toss-Up Club passive income on AVAX


Toss-up club is a collection of 1234 randomly generated nfts that exist on the avax blockchain.

You will have a passive income for owning this collection thanks to toss-up, and if you want to play, you will benefit from a fee discount.

AVAX Tossup Club Game

AVAX tossup club game is a web3 game that allows users to double their avalanche genie. The win rate is completely 50/50 and is supported by smart contract.

The fee for the game is 3.5%, and 2% is automatically airdropped to tossup club nft holders (listed on the marketplaces cannot receive airdrops). The 1% fee goes to the team, the team intends to use 50% of the 1% fee for marketing.

0.5% goes to the community wallet and the holders decide what to do with the accumulated avaxs here(charity donate, giveaway, etc.). Transactions made can be verified on the avalanche blockchain with smart contract.

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