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Theta Labs’ staff consists of skilled technologists and media executives who have worked for companies like Netflix, Amazon, Samsung, Vimeo, and Salesforce in the past. Theta is the premier blockchain for media and entertainment thanks to Theta Labs’ special blend of blockchain expertise and video and entertainment experience. THETAs blockchain is fast, efficient, green, and much less expensive than other alternatives.

Theta Mainnet 4.0

The media and entertainment industries are primed for disruption in the cryptoverse, as shown in the list below. Existing platforms must accept Web3 paradigms in order to thrive, or they will be replaced by new Web3 alternatives.

Subscription-Based Streaming Businesses

Users receive incentives for viewing and sharing Theta’s P2P network allows users to share videos with each other in the network. NFTs and ThetaPass could be used into new and original business models as a method for users to own their annual or lifetime subscriptions and have the freedom to resell them at any moment.

Free Ad Supported Video Services

Implementing community-based TNT-20 token governance models can provide users a say in how to improve the expansion of their features and services. Users develop invested in their company’s long-term prosperity.

Transactional, Pay-Per-View Models

Web3 business methods offer a variety of opportunities for converting transactional clients into devoted supporters of the IP and brand. Users can receive airdropped commemorative NFTs that give them offline advantages and interaction with the next installment of the series by watching, sharing, and supporting the first installment of a movie franchise, all protected by Theta’s unique NFT-based Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Ticketing and Live Events Platforms

Replacing physical and digital tickets with Theta NFTs and ThetaPass that can be traced, tracked and transparently managed.

Movie Studios and Production Houses

Web3 projects may open up a completely new value chain where creators and original IP might earn significantly more than the typical 10-15%. Fractional ownership Theta TNT-20 tokens can be sold in the early stages of a project to raise money for production, starting with seed funding. Similar to how movie stars might negotiate “first dollar gross” backend arrangements, token owners may be entitled to a portion of gross or net income.

Using ThetaPass as virtual tickets for online premieres enabled by Theta P2P is another option. Viewers can earn extra awards through streaming and the platform, which they can then use to purchase merchandise, goods, and other services.

Local Sports Teams

(MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL) have traditionally relied on two main sources of revenues, ticket sales and broadcast rights. 

Team fan tokens could be incorporated into a potential Web3 business model for sports teams, allowing owners of these TNT-20 tokens to take part in governance and cast votes on various stadium and team business decisions, including stadium upgrades, logos and jerseys, ticket prices, sponsorships, and more.

Emerging Metaverse Platforms

Roblox, Decentraland, and Sandbox have already embraced Web3. The majority of these systems would support open Web3 toolkits, including Theta’s video and media API interfaces, allowing anybody in the community to create and grow their virtual worlds.

THETA will Impact the Metaverse


ThetaCon is a collective community created and hosted event in support of the Theta Blockchain Ecosystem. Theta Network keeps coming up with new ideas, which immediately sparks interest from developers and user demand. This community conference aims to inform, raise awareness by generating ideas, build connections, and celebrate everything that is still happening in the Theta ecosystem.

Join them as they open their first LIVE Conference with special guests, panels, partner/exhibitor booths, and many of our well-known Theta fans.

Theta Network Use Cases

Resorts World

Resorts World in Las Vegas has a relationship with THETA and has used THETA DROP as a way to support perks within their hotel.

Sony SRD Spatial Reality Display

SONY used HINSE as the artist for his art work where they dropped NFTs and hardware to roll out their SRD Spatial Reality Display.

Dionne Warwick

Dionne Warwick is an American singer, actress, and television host. Virtual meet & greets, VIP passes and Tickets to a Dionne Warwick Show.

Price is Right on ThetaDrop

The Price is Right is television’s longest-running game show, where audience members try to win cash and prizes by playing renowned pricing games such as Plinko and Cliff Hangers. Now on Thetadrop.

Featured projects on Theta Network

Thetaverse – The Colossus Project PVP Game & NFTs

Theta verse is an ecosystem of projects and creators coming together to change and evolve the NFT space using gaming, film and music.

The Colossus Project

Jon Heder’s Tigons: From Theta to Sandbox

Their goal is to launch Tigon Staking platform in mid October, once ThetaDrop allows users to move their NFT’s to their own wallets. They are also looking to bring Tigonia into Alpha Season 4 of the Sandbox.

Order of the Tigons

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