Shogun Geishas Protecting the AVAX Blockchain from Shogun Overlords


Shogun Geishas are a collection of 5,555 NFTs with only 2 purposes: to regain control from their Shogun overlords and protect the AVAX blockchain.


In the year 1609, during what is now called the Sengoku period, Japan was submersed in the middle of a bloody civil war and social upheaval that had lasted for 150 years.

The people of Japan were desperate for peace. They found it in the most unlikely of places.

The shogun leaders, whose title unofficially translates to “Commander-in-Chief of the Expeditionary Force Against the Barbarians”, were the true military dictators and de facto rulers of the country at the time.

They were appointed by the emperor, who had no real power and only enjoyed a symbolic title. No shogun would dare try to usurp the throne, even though they had the full disposal of that territory’s military power at their control. This was largely due to tradition, as they felt the emperor was a direct descendant of Amaterasu, goddess of the sun. They would however routinely attack each other as the rival shogun rulers were vying for power and riches. But to end the bloodshed, you must embrace the bloodshed. This became the motto for a group of assassins so secretive and so deadly they were known only as: Shogun Geishas.

Weekly Giveaways

Each Sunday in their discord they will organize NFT giveaways for verified Shogun Geishas holders. The giveaways will vary from Shogun Geishas NFTs, other well known and/or valuable NFTs, 1/1 art, and AVAX rewards.

They will also hold various other games, activities, and giveaways throughout the week to keep Shogun Geishas top of mind and their amazing community engaged.

In addition to the weekly giveaways mentioned above, they will also hold special giveaways for our most loyal and vocal community members. The success of Shogun Geishas is directly tied to their amazing community; therefore, they want to show our appreciation to the most loyal of their holders.

Supporting AVAX Artists

A major goal of Shogun Geishas is supporting NFT artists on the AVAX blockchain. The team at Shogun Geishas have been long-term lovers and supporters of art for many years. It was this love of art that introduced us to NFTs and eventually led us all here.

They understand the struggle many artists face, as well as the passion to push forward each day through obstacles and adversities. It is this passion and dedication that has made the AVAX blockchain and community what it is today.

All profits generated from the sale of NFTs will also be held in the community wallet. This AVAX will be used for holder giveaways and for future NFT floor sweeps and 1/1 art purchases.

AVAX Rewards

Another benefit of being a Shogun Geishas holder are our periodic AVAX giveaways. At certain intervals throughout Q3 and Q4, including after mint-out, we’ll reward our holders with AVAX rewards sent directly to their wallets.

Our mission is to grow a welcoming and inclusive community and be a positive force in the AVAX ecosystem. One of the best ways we can do this is by giving back directly to our holders.

AVAX Validator Nodes

One possible investment opportunity that will be decided on by the community is the purchase and maintaining of an AVAX validator node. All profits received from the validator node would be shared monthly among the Shogun Geisha holders or used to invest in art or other projects.

The current reward rate for an AVAX validator at time of writing is 9.15% annualized, or roughly $250 per month at current price ($16.64). Obviously, all of us in the AVAX community are super bullish and expect the price of AVAX to rise drastically over the coming months and years. This will only increase the monthly and yearly rewards available to their holders for running an AVAX validator node.




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