Revolutionizing Men’s Lives: Introducing Bitter Pill Man – A Collection of NFTs with Profound Significance

Introducing a revolutionary collection of 8,888 NFT digital collectables that hold a deeper significance, poised to change men’s lives forever. These groundbreaking collectables are set to launch soon on the Ethereum Blockchain, but you’ll need to act fast to get your hands on them, as they’re expected to sell out quickly.

Mark your calendar for the highly anticipated drop date of March 9th, 2023 and don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of history. With the potential to transform lives, this collection is sure to make a lasting impact on the world of NFTs.

Why is the Bitter Pill Man project so fantastic?

Because they’re the project that has everything in place to succeed starting with the ART, this is fundamental to a long-lasting project that will stand the test of time and bring in the rewards to their holders.

They have art that has a deeper meaning with a mixture of well-loved traits and many completely unique in the NFT space. There are some that are influenced by the most important inventions and breakthroughs in human history so keep a look out for these and see if you can work out what they are.

There are 11 categories of trait and over 300 individual traits overall so loads of fantastic combinations and low rarities to look out for. There will be 10 legendary animated 1/1s in the mix and there’s also a one-off Golden Bag NFT.

The lucky collector to mint the Golden Bag NFT will receive a 10 ETH prize! Their art is hand drawn by their founder who is a fine artist who trained at University as a Sculptor and in Digital Media who has had numerous exhibitions in the UK and sold sculptures, paintings, and digital work over the last 20+ years.

He’s an ex Digital Art/Art & Design lecturer who set up totally new educational courses at well-known colleges in the UK in Art & Design and he now also supports a charity in producing exciting vocational education courses for those who want to learn creative practical skills to get them into rewarding careers in the digital/arts field.

His mission now with Bitter Pill Man is to do something that will really have a huge positive impact on the world, both monetarily and socially. They want to help men who may be struggling with mental health issues, or financially, to obtain the right guidance, education and support needed to improve their lives. They also have a number of top-secret plans on our post mint roadmap that will be revealed as the project develops.


Launch website 👍
8,888 unique artworks created 👍
Launch Social Media 👍 
Community engagement 👍
Presale mint
Public sale mint
Full reveal
Golden Bag winner announced
Secondary market sales 

Community rewards
Exclusive merch drops
Updated website new functionality
BPM Club
Merch store opens to club members
Votes on Charitable fund projects

BPM Club members exclusive airdrops
Events for the community
Marketplace opens
New collaborations
New plans revealed

Each NFT will unlock additional perks and benefits down the line for as long as you hold them.

BPM team

The BPM team is determined to build a brand that will last the test of time through engaging a thriving community and enriching people’s lives who become involved in the project. Keep an eye out for these as they will really take them to that next level!

Merch Drops

Exclusive rare merchdrops to BPM holders. These limited edition hoodies are going to be popular so get on that Whitelist early to give yourself a chance of winning one.

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