Metropoly Real Estate Investment Re-imagined with Crypto

Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry.

Purchasing real estate NFTs has never been simpler or more cost-effective. Using all available information, their experts hand-selected a wide choice of properties from around the world. Depending on your preferences, find the appropriate ones.

Each real estate NFT that they mint is fractionalized and 100% backed by a genuine physical income-generating property as part of our effort to change the real estate market.

All properties have undergone prior inspections and are either owned by the Metropoly Foundation or a dependable partner business.

What is Metropoly?

The first ecosystem for real estate NFTs, Metropoly, enables anyone to purchase real estate-backed NFTs for as little as $100. Their goal is to create a global decentralized real estate NFT marketplace that will enable everyone, regardless of location or credit standing, to access the real estate market.

What is a real estate NFT?

Each real estate NFT that they issue is fractionalized and fully backed by a real estate asset that generates income as part of their effort to modernize the real estate sector. All homes have undergone prior inspections and are either owned by Metropoly or a dependable partner business.

Can I visit the properties?

As part of their commitment to being fully transparent with their NFT buyers, all properties offered on the platform will include high-resolution photos and third-party inspection reports. However, visiting units is not part of their service because the property is generally already tenanted.

What is the minimum starting price?

Prices start from $100 for fractionalized ownership, depending on the properties offered in the Metropoly marketplace.

Why should I buy real estate NFTs?

Real estate is a tangible and stable asset class that has been a leading performer throughout history. As a result, it is a favorite among large institutional and high-net-worth individuals for many reasons, including:

  • Real estate appreciates in value over long periods and is less volatile than financial markets and cryptocurrencies, offering stability during turbulent times.
  • Real estate is a hedge against inflation and currency depreciation and an excellent long-term store of value.
  • Real estate is a productive asset that generates predictable income from rent.
  • When included in a diversified portfolio of different asset classes, real estate enhances the portfolio’s risk-return profile.

How much will real estate NFT holders receive monthly?

The amount spent and the net yield of the property possessed will determine the amount received.

For instance, if someone invests $100,000 USD in a property with a net yield of 7%, they will receive $7,000 USD in monthly rental income every year.

These figures are not certain, though, as a lot of outside variables affect how a property does. Therefore, prior to making a purchase, every buyer of a real estate NFT is required to carry out independent investigation.

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