Lords of the Lands Be a Landlord Virtual Lands and Generate Monthly Rentals

Lords of the Lands

In Lords Of The Lands, a decentralized metaverse of the futuristic medieval era, where entertainment, music festivals, sports, and e-gaming will all coexist, the world’s billionaires, known as Lords, come to claim their Lordship in the form of Land NFTs.

LOL is accessible through a website, Android and iOS apps, and virtual reality apps. It is built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

LOL is on a quest to develop tools for the Metaverse that will allow millions of users to access music, commerce, and entertainment from the comfort of their homes.


The highest title in the LOL metaverse is “Landlord,” and to hold this title, you must have at least 1 Lord NFT and 1 Land NFT in the same wallet.

Benefits include:

  • Monthly rentals are generated when in the same wallet as the Land NFT
  • Play to Earn LOL Treasure Hunts * Beta access to the LOL Metaverse
  • VIP access to LOL sporting events & concerts
  • Whitelist access for the upcoming collection

    Note: A necessary prerequisite for becoming a LANDLORD!


LOL Landlords will be able to participate in the LOL play to earn “Treasure Hunts”, winning exclusive LOL NFTs.

What is LOL Metaverse?

A utility-driven metaverse ecosystem called Lords of The Lands (LOL) enables its NFT holders to commercialize their virtual lands and generate monthly rentals. The LOL Metaverse will be accessible through web, mobile, and VR apps and is powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

What is LOL’s Mission?

The project seeks to develop tools for the Metaverse that will enable millions of users to access entertainment options including music, sports, e-games, and shopping while relaxing at home. We are constructing the future. Join them in their endeavor to build a world that is 100% community-owned, enjoyable, and empowering for everyone!

How to become a Landlord?

The “Land Lord” is the highest title in the LOL metaverse, to became a landlord you need to have atleast 1 Land NFT & 1 Lord NFT in the same wallet.

How monthly rentals are generated?

25% of LOL creator royalty is shared with all the LANDLORDS! Rent will be calculated by the rarity of your Land NFT and number of days you had both the Land and the Lord in your ERC-20 wallet.

You can claim 1-3 Land rentals by 1 single Lord NFT depending upon the Lord’s rarity. The Landlords can withdraw the rentals on 1st of every month at 1 pm UTC.

What are Land and Lord NFTs?

The land is a digital asset that is non-fungible, transferable, and scarce that is kept in an Ethereum smart contract. You can buy it by using Ethereum.

The Lords are the virtual reality-ready avatars of the meta-medieval era’s kings, complete with rare or special abilities, clothing, gadgets, and accessories.

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