Lil Mutant Ape Club NFTs with DeFi + DAO and Staking

Lil Mutant Ape Club

Being a member of the Lil Mutant Ape Club community is a fantastic opportunity to join a close-knit family that includes forthcoming DeFI and gaming utility, fans from all over the world are hopping on their project.

1300 mints left

If you’re not a holder but you’re extremely passionate about earning apes. Get ready to join the Lil Mutant Ape Club!


The origin of the **Lil Mutant Ape Club** is told as an urban legend among the Ape community, and the story of how it came to be contained two main factors: A curious ape and a radioactive banana.

One day, a troublesome baby ape by the name of Quentin wanders off quietly and pillages through the jungle. After traveling for miles, he ends up in a remote area and stumbles upon something rather strange.

In front of him was an abandoned lab, full of discarded equipment. A flask containing glowing, neon green liquid lights up the room. Little did he know, the scientists who occupied the land nearby were conducting nuclear experiments. A few yards away, he notices a row of trees, ripe with glowing neon-colored bananas.

He hungrily eyes the fruit, walking slowly towards the trees. He reaches for one and without thinking immediately takes a bite. Suddenly, he starts to feel weird and is hit with a burst of energy, then falls to the ground in excruciating pain.

He slowly gets up with the urge to destroy and cause havoc. He proceeds into the lab and smashes everything in sight, his rage growing more and more as he destroys computers and tables.

He looks down and sees the same flask from earlier. There it was, a glowing bright green liquid with a banana inside. Everything around him goes silent as he stares into the shadows of the lab. This is where the idea was born, this is how the Lil Mutant apes came to exist. It all started with one. To be continued …

How do i get a LIL MUTANT APE?

Lil Mutant Apes will be available **September 7** on their website.

  • 10k supply
  • 5k public
  • 5k lbac claim 1 for 1

How much does it cost to mint?

It will only cost **0.01 ETH** to mint each Lil Mutant Ape.

When will my Lil Mutant Apes be revealed?

Your Lil Mutant Apes will be revealed **48hrs** after mint is complete!

How many Lil Mutant Apes will be available?

There are **10k** Lil Mutant Apes in total. **5k** will be minted first, followed by **5k** to be claimed for **FREE**.

How do I claim my free Lil Mutant?

Once the first 5k are minted, the claim site will be available. Connect your wallet to see how many Lil Mutants you have available to claim.

(This is 1 for 1 of how many LBACs you have in that wallet.) click claim and just PAY GAS FEES. You will have **30 Days** to claim.

Do I have to verify my lbac on Discord to receive my lmac?

No, the claim site will verify your holdings as you go to claim them after the mint. However in order to gain full access to the server you will need to verify your LBACs and LMACs!

Do I need to unstake my lbacs?

YES. All LBACs will need to be unstaked by the 6th of September **DO NOT** re-stake your LBACs as we are switching over to a passive staking coin called $NANA.

What happens to my $lilbanana?

All of your accrued $lilbanana will be swapped for the new $NANA coin 1:1 during the claiming process.

When does lmac/lbac start accruing $nana?

Once the claim is done all LBAC/LMAC will start generating $NANA everyday it’s held in that wallet.

What are the roles?

When you verify your LMACs you will be assigned a role depending upon how many are in your wallet. The roles are as follows:



They are doing 1 for 1 claim on all LBAC holders for 2nd half of the 5K mint.

Claim will not open up to LBAC holders until 1st half is mented out at 5K halt supply. So after the 1st 5K is minted they will open the claim. They have 12 ultra rare 1 of 1s that mimic the mayc collection.

6 are on the public side and 6 are on the claim. There are also ultra rare banana suits to which only 33 in the collection.


4k art upgrade for the current LBAC Collection / art. They will be transitioning to a new contract so that they can modify and make improvements on the new collection.

Cannabis project that will be developed once licensing is approved. (Every NFT will receive a % ownership in the project) They plan to create multiple products as well as a flag ship store / dispensary.

Collab Business opportunity for holders. Creating the “Bananade” Drinks brand and revenue share with all LBAC / LMAC holders will allow them to get their brand out there and utilize their intellectual property towards other markets.

NFT Marketplace to sell and trade all nfts / products under the umbrella.

Custom online e-commerce Merch Store for holders with (8) or more apes so that they may generate revenue from their ip license and get their NFT’s to market.

$NANA Coin distribution / conversion for LBAC holders. No more staking. Moving forward, all NFT’s will generate 1 $nana coin per day.

METAVERSE (DAO voting to purchase land on any dao voted platform)

Exclusive airdrops and free Merch

Live in-person events / social gatherings


On OpenSea, APES NFTs are NOW AVAILABLE!  (be sure to look for the blue check mark to verify that it’s the legitimate collection!). OPENSEA

Not like every other Ape

These days, there are so many NFT enterprises with anonymous founder members who use cartoon avatars and vanish into thin air after their collections are sold.

The “timelines” and “missions” vanish, leaving the communities that everyone seemed to adore to wither away. Lil Mutant Ape Club creates a stunning future roadmap that opens the door to a legitimate project.

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