HEXGO NFTs with Heavy-duty Utility and Powerful Rewards


With the industry-leading ERC-721 token, HEXGO is a unique and private collection of 5,000 NFT cards produced on the Ethereum blockchain.

HEXGO was developed to upend the NFT market and become the leading blue-chip utility NFT, providing heavy-duty utility and previously unheard-of incentives.

The largest and most robust NFT project ecosystem is being built by HEXGO. We have collaborated with more than 150 NFT projects so far.

The FIRST and ONLY 50/50 NFT community is HEXGO. A BRAND is HEXGO. Not an endeavor.

HEXGO is extremely privileged and invite-only. HEXGO is a 100% internal NFT brand that was developed with the most powerful DTC whale and alpha groups.

Featured on more than 40 websites, including Yahoo, Fox, Bloomberg, Market Watch, Tech Times, LA Weekly, Bitcoinist, Cryptopolitan, and Zcrypto.


To give their Hexgo partners and Hexgo members exclusive access to the most popular tropical island metaverse, they have linked up with Meta Savages.

AAA gamification graphics, covering events like concerts, plays, lectures, shops, homes, cars, sports, and more! On the island will be their Hexgo clubhouse, Hexgo bank, and Hexgo vault.

There will be no more empty promises or two years of waiting for metaverse development. It’s already created and will soon be available for beta testing!

Vault Cards

Built on the Ethereum network using the premier ERC-721 token, the Hexgo 5,000 NFT collection. 100% of the intellectual property rights will be yours.

The cards will spend the first five days on OpenSea in “pre-reveal” mode following minting. Up until reveal day, you won’t know what kind of card you have. For additional information, join Discord.

Mint Date

Mint date: October 2nd, 2022

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