Fitness Fiends NFT Collection: One-of-a-Kind Fiends for Fitness Enthusiasts

What is Fitness Fiends?

The Fitness Fiends community consists of 6,666 individuals who share a passion for fitness and exercise, all operating within the Ethereum blockchain. Each member of this community serves as your access point to the Fitness Fiends ecosystem, which offers a wide range of tangible and digital benefits, including complimentary gym access and an engaging Metaverse environment for training, gaming, and socializing.


Get ready for a unique NFT collection that offers more than just rare artwork – it’s your ticket to the Fitness Fiends ecosystem. While non-members will have to pay for gym memberships, Fitness Fiends NFT holders will enjoy free access to our gyms.

But that’s not all – we aim to expand the benefits beyond physical locations to ensure all NFT holders can enjoy the perks of being a Fitness Fiend, regardless of their location. This includes a discount on our sportswear, accessories, and supplements store exclusively for NFT holders, as well as exclusive access to our launch events and parties.

We’re also planning to offer free product giveaways, starting with the Fitness Fiends shaker. Sneak peeks of these giveaways can be found on our Discord channel. Finally, as a Fitness Fiend NFT holder, you’ll have access to the Fitness Fiends Metaverse where you can join fitness classes, play games, and socialize as your very own Fiend.

The Specs

Every Fiend in the collection is one-of-a-kind, with over 100 distinct attributes randomly generated for each Fiend. These characteristics span from facial expressions to fitness equipment and make each Fiend unique.

ERC-721a tokens store the Fiends, and they are hosted on IPFS via the Ethereum blockchain. The public sale of these tokens is scheduled for March 19th, 2023, and the cost per Fiend will be 0.05ETH.

However, those who participate in a light workout can gain access to the pre-sale, allowing them to purchase a Fiend with a 30% discount, 48 hours before the public sale.

Visit our Discord server for more details on how to get on the whitelist.


Roll out the Fitness Fiends Ambassador program.
Presale March 17th 2023 19:00 GMT.

Public sale March 19th 2023 19:00 GMT.
Allow all holders to claim a free Fitness Fiends shaker.

Photos of these can be seen on our socials.
Finalise the deal for the first Fitness Fiends gym located in the UK.

To be completed by June. Renovation works to commence immediately and documented on our YouTube channel.

Continue designing clothing, accessories and supplements for the Fitness Fiends store.
Work on business partnerships to bring further utility and benefits to our holders. Watch this space…

Complete the renovation works to the Fitness Fiends gym and officially open.

Host a launch party in London to celebrate the opening of the first Fitness Fiends gym.

Grow the Fitness Fiends team by bringing in; gym personnel, marketers and assistants.

Launch the Fitness Fiends store.

Release the ‘Protein Shake’ serum. This will do a lot more than just build up your Fiends muscle…

Bring Fitness Fiends to the Metaverse with access given to all holders. The possibilities are endless with this one.

Open multiple Fitness Fiends gyms.

Release the Fitness Fiends token. Holders will be able to earn through staking and exercising.

Fitness Fiends tokens will be accepted in store and more.

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