Experience the Tale of Mutant Pets Through 888 AI NFTs

Mutant Pets

Mutant Pets is an AI NFT collection of 888 NFTs based on the story of pets that survived after an experience. Join their community and show your passion for our pets.

They don’t have a roadmap, they just promise a lot of love, energy and friendship for our pets.

Do you like pets? I’m just a little different, but you’ll want me!

How to claim WhiteList? Just register on: http://premint.xyz/mutant-pets/

Official Link: – Twitter: https://twitter.com/mutantpets – Discord: https://discord.gg/mutantpets – WebSite: https://mutantpets.io

About Mint

  • February, 26th (13:00 UTC)
  • Mint Price: 0.007
  • Supply: 888
  • Network: Ethereum

High Quality NFT Collection

The art delivered in this project will provide the creation of a select and exclusive group of holders who believe in the strength and benefits of the WEB3 community.

They don’t have a defined roadmap or utility, but we have a great art and community that believes in the power of WEB3.

Linktree | Twitter | Discord

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