Cyko KO SuperEarth Greatest Hero with Comics, NFTs, Utility and Podcasts

Cyko KO

Cyko KO is a Ringo-Award nominated comic series created by Rob Feldman that has transitioned from traditional comic creation and distribution to NFT-focused assets and deliveries.

CVKO HEADZ Collectibles

Cyko Headz are a series of 2500 generative NFTs with utility

Cyko KO is a leader in the THETA Community that is leading the adoption

Physical Redeemables

A different NFT offered a tangible copy of the book, a toy capsule with stickers and a bookmark, and it could be delivered anywhere in the world. Rob Feldman individually autographed and mailed each box.

Airdrops & Challenges

To get the custom airdrops, holders are required to own a specific number of NFTs each month. On the secondary market, these airdrops are frequently found at a greater price. Most of the time, the airdrops give players more game utility and more incentives for upcoming Challenges.

What’s a Cyko Headz?

Trouble is what it is! Cyko Headz, inspired by Saturday morning cartoons and fun throwback toys from the 1980s, were born on the Theta Blockchain after SuperEarth’s greatest hero, Cyko KO, took a significant dose of Duplonium, the cosmic fog of the Dupliverse.

Cut loose on SuperEarth, the Cyko Headz rollercoaster, and let loose in the streets, wreaking mayhem and anarchy!

You may read Time to Get Kraken, an exclusive Theta Cyko KO comic, right away if you have a Cyko Headz. Enjoy upcoming integrations and content, which will likely include games, animation, drops, merchandise, and rewards.

Meemop Mania NFTs

Meemop Mania is a generative NFT project of 888 Meemop mints through OpenTheta, each unique with vintage animation inspired faces, colors and accessories. 

Play this 80’s inspired maze game by using your own Open Theta Meepy by trying to outsmart Hexo Disko and his gang of malevolent Meepies! 

Brought to you by OpenTheta in collaboration with Cyko KO creator and artist Rob Feldman, Meemop Mania is a generative NFT project of 888 Meemop (Meepy) mints, each unique with vintage animation inspired faces, colors and accessories.

Exclusive Comic

A 24-page exclusive Theta Cyko KO comic book “Time to Get Kraken”, accessible only by holding a Cyko Headz. Readers can connect their NFT and read the book in its entirety.

The First Thetadrop Comic 

You may read this brand-new, never-before-seen Cyko KO adventure comic made specifically for Theta in a first for ThetaDrop, and your Cyko Headz NFT is the only way to open and read it!

If you prefer printed copies, the Cyko Headz Extreme Bundle includes an extra NFT that can be redeemed for a printed copy that will be delivered to your door, signed by me, in a decorative sleeve. A toy capsule with Cyko Headz stickers and a cute bookmark are among the other wonderful things I’ll include in the package.


Owners of Cyko Headz also have access to the “Beat Blorto” game. You can only play this retro version of Pong if you have a Cyko Headz NFT in your hand. Players compete each month to hold the top position on the scoreboard.

A special “Golden Headz” NFT, the CYK token (a token created on the TNT-20 Theta blockchain), or a “I Beat Blorto” t-shirt are among the rewards given to the top three victors.

Engagement takes place on Twitter, Discord, and Feldman’s own weekly stream on Theta TV, and prizes could change each month. Users can “power up” their player by using Cyko Thetadrop NFTs.

Feldcast on Theta TV

Watch Tues & Thurs 11AM Eastern

In Closing

All NFTs are folded into the lore of the Cyko KO universe through additional content including print books and animation, mostly through Rocketship Entertainment (of which Feldman serves as CTO), and Earworm Media, Feldman’s own production company. This provides further engagement with fans on-chain and off.

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