AmoDeos NFTs with Events and Digital Services for New and Growing Projects


A powerful DAO is being built around the NFT Growing platform, which will include members like CEOs, software engineers, blockchain developers, designers, marketers, and influencers. They have already assembled the greatest representatives in the area and will establish the best possible networking within the neighbourhood. Events both online and offline will improve communication.

Events and digital services for new and growing crypto projects. They’ll provide technical and management support for passionate entrepreneurs and convenient software for users.

Collection and benefits

Their signature line, AMO Deos, is the exclusive NFT offering from the team.

They are ecstatic about the arts, which are fantastic PFPs with enormous value inside. Holders will have privileges and access to all 10FT services. They want DAO members to experience the entire breadth of NFT services available to them within their community without having to pay for them.

NFT Platform

The NFT Growing Platform will develop into an open production line for making lasting and priceless goods.
Our adviser board has a wide spectrum of professionals who will assist us in creating the next generation of NFT startups.

The Selection Mechanism’s thorough application evaluation will stop fraud in their ecosystem.

In order to improve our communication, learn more, and—most importantly—let the builders construct—hackatons will congregate around the best representatives of the web3+ world.

The best teams will develop their concepts into functional models and secure their initial investment!
Projects will get the necessary expertise, make their first connections, develop their MVPs, and participate in a fruitful Mint on the Incubator stage.

An accelerator transforms a startup into a stand-alone business with its own departments, project management and financial systems, and marketing and operational procedures.

Launchpad Reborn

10FT Launchpad is a face of their project and they are making it as secured and convenient as possible:

  • Wallet and Whitelist roles confirmation.
  • Multi-layered security system will prevent bots from minting all NFTs at once.
  • User Distributions system.

With time there will be more feature releases and integrations, making 10FT launchpad the best one on the market. They want every Mint to be transparent, accessible and fair both for projects and for investors.

Mint Date and Supply

Mint will take place on their own launchpad on the website. It will also be a public demo of their launchpad features. Supply — 5555. Date & price — TBA. Ethereum & Solana.

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